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Buying Club opens up a whole new world of discount shopping and exclusive offers to our Club Members. It is a new service that allows you to use your Club points on your everyday on-line shopping through Buying Club. Every transaction you make through Buying Club will save you 5% which you will get back in points to use on other purchases.

You can also have your rewards points linked to an account with a VISA Debit card* provided by Community First Credit Union, to spend outside the club wherever VISA is accepted, or simply by shopping on the Buying Club site or with any Buying Club online merchant.

On a regular basis, Buying Club will bring you special offers from retailers in our local community as well as access to amazing deals ranging from holidays to savings on your everyday purchases. Now you get the added bonus of spending your Club points at local partner businesses and earning points back when you spend.

It’s simple!

  • Click on the Buying Club log-in on your Club website.
  • Check your points balance.
  • Transfer points to your Buying Club account or your CFCU VISA debit card*.

You are now ready to start shopping.

While in the Club, if you win a prize you will be able to automatically load prize points directly onto to your club account or your linked Visa debit card.  Meaning you can load prizes and spend points immediately!

You can access your account at any time to check your points and VISA debit card*.   If at anytime your CFCU VISA debit card* account has insufficient funds for the purchases you wish to make, it can be loaded with cash from your bank account. It’s that easy!

You will find more information in the FAQ’s below.

You can also download your Club App, so that you can access Buying Club and your account when you are out and about.

*Term and conditions, fees and charges apply – details available on application. Visa Debit card issued by Community First Credit Union Ltd ABN 80 087 649 938, AFSL/ Australian Credit Licence No. 231204. You should read and consider these Terms and Conditions when deciding to use any product. The product Conditions of Use and full Terms and Conditions are available at www.communityfirst.com.au

                             Frequently asked questions                                 

What is the Buying Club?

The Buying Club is a loyalty rewards program which allows a member to exchange their club points into a value in currency which can be spent at our Buying Club on-line shop or with any of our partners.  In addition to being able to spend your points, you will also earn 5% worth of points by shopping with our partners.

How do I join?

Buying Club is a service provided to all members of the club.  To log in for the first time, simply go to your club website and click on member login.  You will be directed to a login page where you can create your password.  Once you have created your password, simply log in with your member number and password you have created.  You will then be able to access your details, your points balance, exclusive offers and to exchange your points and shop.  

How do I change my profile?

You can see your details in My Profile.  To change your details simply type over the fields you want to change and hit “Save”.

What is Transfer Points?

You can transfer your points through “Transfer Points” under the “My Account” menu.  Once you have transferred your club loyalty points, they can be spent online through the Buying Club Shop, or for exclusive member offers or to pay for products and services at local partner retailers.

How often can I transfer my points?

You can transfer your points whenever you like.  Transfers are limited to the value of $1000 per transaction as per NSW regulation, but you may transfer multiple times per day.

How do I transfer my points?

Go to the “My Account” menu and click on “Transfer Points”.  Slide the bar or enter the amount you would like to transfer.  Points will be converted to a value so you can use it straight away.

How do I see my points balance?

Your points balance is displayed at the top right side of your screen.  You can also see the amount you have transferred for spending in the “My Account” section.

How do I shop online using my points?

Once you have transferred your points, just click on Buying Club Shopping and shop as usual.  At check out, click on pay with transferred points.

You can also pay for Exclusive Offers if a merchant accepts the points.

How do I shop using my points outside the Club?

Buying Club has partnered with Community First Credit Union (CFCU) to make available a VISA debit card that you can use to convert your points into credit to use outside the Club, anywhere VISA is accepted. You can apply for a CFCU VISA Debit Card on your Profile Page after you log-in.  You can top up your account with cash at any time if you have insufficient points credit for your purchases.

How do I get 5% back in credit?

When you use your CFCU Visa debit card to shop at any of our Partner Retailers, you will receive 5% back in credit on the total value of your purchase. Just look for the Buying Club sticker on the storefront and present your CFCU Visa debit card to pay.

How do I recognise a Partner Retailer?

When you log into your member account, click on the “Local Partners” tile to see a list of local retailers who are part of the Buying Club.  These partners will also display a  Buying Club sticker on the storefront. Simply present your CFCU Visa debit card to pay and receive your 5% back in credit.

What are Exclusive Offers?

These are exclusive offers for club members from selected companies and which are not available to anyone else. After you log-in, go to the Exclusive Offers section of your profile page to see the details and the steps to take to make the purchase.

Can I use my points to purchase Exclusive Offers?

YES – by using your CFCU Visa Debit card.

Where do I see my transactions?

You can see all your transactions in My Accounts → View Activity

Can I use Buying Club if I don’t renew my club membership?

Buying Club is a member free service which is provided with your club membership.  You cannot use the Buying Club service without a membership with any of the Buying Club Network of clubs.